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Celebrating Our Schools and Students!

Attention all Principles, PTSA and Teachers,


We are very excited to be launching our newest adventure here at Splash City.  As strong members of the community, we are excited to work with local schools and demonstrate our support to both our students and teachers. It is our goal is to start several programs that will benefit and develop a love of learning in our community.


We hope to see you soon!


Best Regards,


Ken Handler

Splash City Adventures


Educational Board of Advisers

We are looking for several school principals and teachers who are interested in helping guide our programs. Our hope is to make sure we are headed the right direction in supporting and growing our community. We will be hosting a quick 30 minute zoom meeting in September. We hope you all can attend and cannot wait to hear your feedback!

Rewards For Students

Let's celebrate our students for attending class! Splash City Adventures wants reward students for having perfect attendance for the month of August.  So, principles and teachers, we need you to click the link below and rsvp for your certificates to reward your students.

Educational Board of Advisers

We are excited to announce our new fundraising opportunity where Splash City Adventures becomes YOUR park. The park wants to host your school dances, fundraisers, competitions and more.  Let's maximize the bottom line while creating grand memories for the future generation.

Art Showcase and Competition

We know creativity is fundamental and would like to offer your students a chance to flourish outside of the school's walls. Our team is proud to host for The Splash City Adventures Student Art Show for the very first time this October.  We will be awarding prizes to the winners, show case the students' art work and provide free tickets for the participants

Science At The Theme Park

How does a Ferris Wheel go round? How fast does the scrambler rotate? What is the science behind all the theme park attractions? Only one way to figure it out... testing the rides out yourself! Join us as we open your students eyes as they experience the laws of physics and put science into motion. Sign up for your own thrilling classroom experience in Theme Park Science today!

Splash City Waterpark Season Pass only $49.99. Price Goes Up Soon!

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