The Haunted City is Pensacola Only Haunted Theme Park!

Haunted City is the largest and scariest experience within three counties. Watch out for our numerous attractions and experiences throughout the Huant. Attractions open after Sundown!

See Our Schedule and Hours Under Park Info.

Calling all ghouls, witches, and other creatures of the night!

If you want to help give people a frightening time during haunted nights click HERE to apply!

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Special Event Kick Off For Kids and All Ages:


HalloweenFest Showcase &
Meeting Celebrities Is Free!

OCT 1, 12pm to 6pm
OCT 2, 12pm to 5pm

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Open Throughout Haunted Nights Schedule

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Haunted Train Ride

Haunted hayrides are so passé – it’s all about haunted train rides this Halloween. Combining the old-fashioned thrill of riding through the dark on a train with the classic frights, spooks and starts of a haunted house experience, these rides will make you shiver in a good way. Remember keep all hands, arms and heads inside the train! You never know what can get cut off.

Trail of Darkness

If you dare walk the unguided path away from the ghost city and beyond.  Try to survive the multi ghoul, creatures and nightmare encounters. We highly recommend wearing running shoes and staying together in packs (If not makes it easier for our friends from the dead get you).

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transparent ghost little girl appears between vintage seat in movie theater, horror film,

Nightmare Theater

If you can take it, watch the historic 1980's and 1990's horror films that made your parents cry in the dark and beg for night light.  Lights out and the visitors will come out while you watch.

Ghouls and Zombies Parade

A zombie walk is a public gathering in Splash City Adventures public square and make their way through areas of the park. Zombies will attempt music playing, crawling, and amazing amount of karaoke zombie moaning. All patrons are welcome and recommend to join in. 

A teenager wears a scary Indonesian ghost mask commonly called Pocong in a cultural carniv
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Carnival Of Darkness

These clowns will bring you to tears!  I would be careful where you walk or hide the clowns are full of surprise!  I hope their not juggling heads.

Gallows Restaurant

Check out our new menu for halloween.  Our guests love to hang out and enjoy our theme menu items.  A lot of our guests are dyeing to try them!

We loved for you to throw us a rope and drop in for our amazing specials.